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Adriana Hevia

Angels Senior Coordinator

Adriana was born in Venezuela and has lived in many places that have made her grow personally and professionally. Now, she is ready for meetings throughout Europe.   

Early on, she moved to USA with her family for a couple of years, where she later returned for college to study Political Science and International Studies. Her first event management experience was in the United Nations’ HQ in New York City. Since then, she enjoys gathering people together from around the world for a greater purpose. She later worked in multiple projects and events for Boehringer Ingelheim during 6 years in Venezuela and in Argentina.  

Observing the health and sanitary situation in her home country significantly decline during recent years, she is convinced that access to adequate and timely medical information, infrastructure and treatment is key to a functional society and the basis for a good quality of life. Giving Life a Chance!

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