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Ana Lilia Ortiz

Ana Lilia is a Biopharmaceutical Chemist graduated from UNAM and postgraduated in Clinical Research and Regulation from UNAM in Mexico City. She has participated in several research projects in healthcare institutions such as Antiplatelet Aggregation Effect of New Estrogen Enantiomers (National Institute of Cardiology) and Pharmaco-therapeutic monitoring and Evaluation of drugs and pharmaceutical forms (National Institute of Pediatrics).

She was a Medical Affairs Specialist for logistic implementation in Compassionate Use Programs and Investigator Initiated Studies in Lung Cancer for Mexico and the Caribbean.

She joined the Angels Initiative in 2017 since she considers it as a great opportunity to improve quality of care in hospitals in a short time; she is also motivated because it will change significantly the course of a catastrophic disease such as stroke in Mexico. Currently Ana Lilia is in charge of Southside Mexico City, Chihuahua and Durango.

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