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Anna Kiełkowska


Passion for life and curiosity of the surrounding world have always been for Anna the road signs that guided her personal and professional decisions. She graduated with a MSc in Biological Chemistry from École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (ÉPFL) in Switzerland and a few years later, obtained a PhD degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Cambridge, UK.

Her strong interest in translational science and a deep sense of responsibility towards the society pushed her to become involved in cutting-edge research projects, focused on understanding the underlying mechanisms that drive disease progression, as well as trying to identify and develop effective medications. As a member of multidisciplinary teams, Anna worked on a drug target for COPD and later studied cellular signalling pathways that drive tumourigenesis and underpin rare immunodeficiency syndromes.

Anna’s motivation to join Angels Initiative was through her deep belief that, when human life is at stake, we should always challenge the status quo and find the most effective ways to improve it. Only through our sustained efforts to enhance stroke care, will we be able to provide patients across the world with uniform, best possible quality and timely treatment…to give each of their lives a chance.