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Belén Calvo Rodríguez



Belén studied Biotechnology at the University of León in Spain. Her research interest developed during the last year of her degree, when she got a grant from the Spanish Ministry to study Hypertensive Diseases. After graduating, she decided to take a Master’s Degree in Neurosciences at the University of Salamanca and received the Extraordinary MSc Award. She decided to focus her career in this discipline, doing a PhD in Neurosciences in the Neuroglia Laboratory at the University of Castilla-La Mancha. As a Predoctoral Researcher, she also attended to the University of Lund in Sweden, where she worked on several models of Alzheimer's disease.

She has participated in several national and international congresses and conferences, where she has received various awards for her publications and has published her research results in International Scientific Journals. After receiving her PhD, she has been working as a Postdoctoral Researcher in the field of Neuroinflammation and Neurodegenerative Diseases.
Her enthusiastic spirit and her mission to bring the scientific knowledge closer to society has led her to be part of a number of scientific committees and associations, participating in the organization of congresses and numerous dissemination events.

Becoming an Angels consultant has finally allowed her to move into patient care, something she has always wanted to do. She feels enormously privileged to work to improve stroke treatment and make a difference to achieve what really matters: Give life a chance!

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