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Hyo Ji Park

South Korea

Hyo ji graduated with a bachelor's degree in nursing and worked as a nurse in the intensive care unit and the intervention room at a cardiovascular centre. After gaining several years of clinical experience she wanted to further her studies. She worked as a stroke physician assistant at a university hospital while completing her master’s degree in nursing.

From a desire to improve quality in stroke nursing from various perspectives, she helped doctors in clinical practice treat acute stroke patients. Research for her master's thesis related to stroke recurrence.

She joined Boehringer Ingelheim in 2021, as a Stoke Care Program Specialist.

Hyo ji says that leaving nursing and joining a pharmaceutical company required great courage but gave her the opportunity to help improve stroke treatment in a wider world.

As an Angels Initiative consultant, she is honoured and grateful to contribute to saving precious lives and minimizing disability of acute stroke patients in Korea. Her goal is to help establish and expand many stroke centers in Korean hospitals, and to ultimately improve the quality of stroke treatment by continuously optimizing the stroke treatment process.