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Julia Binkert

Angels Senior Coordinator

Currently enrolled in Master’s programme Business Education in her home town Constance, Julia is passionate about people’s development and training events. She feels that organizing international training events as a senior coordinator for the Angels Initiative helps growing the knowledge about stroke treatment and spreading the spirit of the Angels community all over the world. 

Julia has an education in hospitality management and a bachelor’s degree in international business administration. She completed part of her studies in Latin America which improved her Spanish and intercultural communication skills. The experience abroad made her realize the value international communities have for her personal and working life. The different points of views and experiences create an energetic environment for new ideas and improvement of existing processes and systems. Therefore, she started working for a marketing and logistics agency organizing international events within the pharmaceutical industry in the beginning of 2018. Within the agency she was part of the team that was assigned to coordinate logistic and events for the Angels Initiative.  

Julia has always been impressed by the spirit of the Angels community and their strong collaboration in improving stroke care. In addition, she experienced the importance of time (every second counts!) when a close family member suffered a stroke not long ago. Due to fast reaction and proper treatment her relative not only survived the stroke but fully recovered. He received a second chance at life! Julia is proud of being part of a team that is committed to doing whatever it takes to give stroke patients a second chance at life! 

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