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Leeverne Engelbrecht

South Africa and Namibia

Leeverne Engelbrecht is responsible for the Angels Initiative in the Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Namibia.

She graduated from the University of Pretoria with cum laude in Human Movement Science in 2010 and proceeded to complete her honours degree in Biokinetics in 2011.

Following university she did her internship at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa and worked at a Cardiac-Rehabilitation centre where she specialized in cardiac-rehabilitation, neuro-rehabilitation and chronic disease management.

She joined Boehringer Ingelheim as a medical representative in 2013.

Her passions lie in neurology, chronic disease management and prevention as well as health and wellness, so when she got given the opportunity to join the Angels Initiative she knew she had to take it. Becoming an Angels Initiative Consultant allows her to change the face of stroke in South Africa, improve and optimize patient care, better the lives of those around her and ultimately leave a legacy.

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