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Mary Angeline Jose (Anj)

Anj received her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing in 2008. She worked as ER and General Ward nurse for three years in a tertiary private hospital in the Philippines, where she gained experience managing different patients’ health condition. Soon after, she decided to enter the Pharmaceutical Industry as a Health Care Specialist in GSK.

She spent seven years handling CNS epilepsy portfolio that helps more Filipino epilepsy patients be seizure free. On top of her extensive experience in CNS, she also handled Specialty brands including Urology and Dermatology, working with various stakeholders in both private and government hospitals.

Combining her hospital and pharmaceutical experience, her passion for providing ease and saving the life of a patient led her to Angels on September 2019.

Anj believes that being with Angels will leave a legacy to the lives of every stroke patients and their families.
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