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Massimo Alberini

International Project Director


After receiving his Bachelor’s degree in pharmaceutical sciences, and a year spent in Lisbon to complete the ERASMUS programme, Massimo was attracted by the healthcare world.

He joined the market leading medical device company, Johnson & Johnson, where he spent 12 years. Starting as a Sales Rep taught him the importance of the relationship with the customer. This is also where he developed his passion for enhancing patient lives.

Massimo gained experience in sales and marketing and then in 2012 decided to undertake a Master’s degree in business administration at the CUOA Business School of Vicenza, Italy, with a specialisation in marketing management at the University of Michigan-Dearborne, USA.

Massimo believes it is a privilege to work in healthcare, finding his motivation in the potential impact his work can have on improving the quality of patient care. Being part of the Angels Initiative provides him the opportunity to focus his efforts and energy to achieve that.