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Ola Hassan

United Emirates, Pakistan, Iran

Ola graduated in Pharmacy from Cairo University before joining the pharmaceutical industry where she developed strong networks with healthcare providers in nutrition, autoimmune diseases and the cardiovascular and metabolic sectors across Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

She has invested in building a strong rapport with healthcare authorities and sharpened her scientific acumen, leading to success in several projects, product launches and patient support programmes.

She says, “I have spent some time developing my interpersonal skills as a professional who helps patients understand how and when to take their medications, which can be lifesaving in many cases. I believe that empathy is the key to successfully driving change and achieve wonders.”

Ola joined the Angels initiative in 2021. Since then she has travelled to more than 18 cities in the Gulf and Iran, helping multidisciplinary teams build their protocols, enrol with registries, obtain certification for nurses and so on.

Ola believes that Angels is a sincere and robust means to give back to the community and help everyone lead a better and healthier life. She always sees patients at the centre of this project.