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Rupal Sedani

Angels Project Lead, India
Born and brought up in Mumbai, India, Rupal has been a passionate and a go getter, and may be some neuronal connection with the Neurologist and various neurological symptoms, professionally

Rupal always lead from the front and is always keen on having things done in an organized and systematic way.

A pharmacist by qualification and then pursuing an MBA in Marketing, Rupal started her career in 2000 as a medical rep working on products used various chronic neurological conditions. After 5 years of exciting and successful sales stint, Rupal worked in the area of market research and then marketing for various big brands in organizations like Novartis and Pfizer.

She worked on almost all neurological conditions and spent almost 8 years in marketing, Rupal wanted to do something unconventional in her core area and that’s were the opportunity of Boehringer came in, to lead the marketing for Alteplase.

She strongly believed that India has a long way to go in acute stroke management, which cannot be achieved by conventional approach of promoting a drug. That started the journey of angels implementation in India in Aug 2017. Since then she has been leading the implementation of angels in India with her team of Angels consultants.

Angels initiative gives her the kick and drive to make that difference every day, to improve quality of stroke care. Every small effort in this direction, gives immense satisfaction and a strong sense of purpose and belief that every effort is worthwhile and is contributing to give life a chance.

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