About angels

The Angels Initiative is a healthcare intervention dedicated to improving stroke patients’ chances of survival and a disability-free life. Since 2016, an estimated 7,5 million patients have been treated in over 6,000 Angels hospitals worldwide, including more than 1,400 new stroke-ready hospitals established across the world with the help of Angels.

Our mission

As a global community of Angels Initiative members, we strive to:

  1. Ensure our region has appropriate geographical coverage, so that all stroke patients have access to the same level of care wherever they are.
  2. Continuously improve the quality of care, to offer our patients the best outcomes. This is represented by a minimum Gold and a target of Diamond status according to the ESO Angels awards criteria.
  3. Grow the people in our Angels community including doctors, nurses, ambulance staff and everyone in the stroke team through education, support, mentorship, sharing ideas and providing acknowledgement.
  4. Build and develop an efficient regional referral network, where primary, comprehensive centres and EMS services work together to provide patients the best level of care.

This is our legacy.

Meet the team

Meet our team of experienced and dedicated consultants who do whatever it takes to help you reach your goal of better outcomes for stroke patients.

Meet the team