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Module 2 will enable you to recognise and assess the emergencies that often accompany stroke.

After completing this module, you will:

  • understand the important role critical care plays in the treatment of stroke
  • be able to perform and interpret the rapid clinical assessment stroke patients at risk of deterioration
  • recognise the clinical signs of deterioration before any life-threatening events take place
  • be familiar with, and able to use, Early Warning Scores as a tool for calculating and escalating critical care in an timely manner
  • understand how a ‘chain of prevention’ can be used as a means to detect patient deterioration.

Once you have read Module 2: Neurocritical Care – Recognition of Emergencies please complete the multiple choice test. Upon receiving an 80% pass mark you will be able to move on to Module 3: Neurocritical Care – Neurological Disorders.