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Agnieszka Tymecka-Woszczerowicz

Angels Team Leader South Africa

Agnieszka obtained her Master’s Degree in Pharmacy at the Medical University in Gdansk, Poland. Her thesis dissertation research covered microbiological area and laboratory work on biotransformation of volatile organic compounds by yeasts, performed at Universita degli Studi di Perugia, Italy, as part of The Erasmus Programme.

Agnieszka’s interest in Health Economics pushed her to further pursue doctorate studies at Medical University in Warsaw’s Pharmacoeconomics Department; focusing on quality of life improvements, cost-of-illness studies and methodologies of indirect costs assessment.

Committed to helping patients who are in need, Agnieszka has worked for 6 years as a clinical research coordinator in a highly specialized team, performing a variety of trials within Neurology and Rehabilitation therapeutic areas.

Agnieszka’s mission is to help make a difference in people’s lives - not just the society at large, but also the life of somebody you know. That is the reason she jumped at the opportunity of becoming an Angels consultant.