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Ahmed Azab

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar , Bahrain and Oman

Ahmed is a pharmacy graduate of Ain Shams University in Cairo with 13 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical field in Egypt and Saudi Arabia (KSA). He has been a medical representative at Novartis-Egypt and at Boehringer-KSA, and a training manager at Boehringer-KSA with responsibility for transforming BI-Saudi into a highly competitive performance organisation and developing the sales team to deliver an exceptional customer experience using the Omnichannel approach. 

Ahmed says his goal is to “never stop learning because life never stops teaching”. He joined the Angels team in order to support the community and to develop more stroke centers and improve the quality of existing stroke centres. In his mission to save the lives of acute stroke patients and improve the quality of life for stroke survivors he will draw on his vast and diverse experience in Egypt and KSA where his positive track record testifies to his strong rapport with healthcare authorities and his focus on different patient journeys.