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Andréa Giordano


Andréa C. S. Giordano is nurse who holds a qualification in Clinical Management and has a wide range of experience that includes people management, nursing care and education.

She has been active in pre-hospital and intrahospital settings since 2013, including as a coordinator of basic support in Brazil’s Mobile Emergency Medical Services (SAMU), as a nurse and as an emergency service supervisor.

She is also an experienced technical trainer in the field of nursing.  

Andréa accepted the challenge of becoming an Angels consultant thanks to her belief in the Angels Initiative’s mission. Her experience has given her a deep understanding of how quality care can save lives and return mothers, fathers, sons, daughters and grandparents to their homes to be with their loved ones.

She welcomes the opportunity to share knowledge with health institutions and professionals, with the aim of raising the standard of stroke care.