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Belén Velázquez


Belen received her degree in Pharmacy from the Complutense University of Madrid, where she also had the opportunity to attend the University of Turin in Italy for one year thanks to an Erasmus scholarship.

Her vast array of experience started with an internship in the university’s Medical Department, which taught her about competitive analysis and interpreting scientific data. This was followed by an internship as a Clinical Pharmacist in La Paz University Hospital in Madrid, where she was responsible to work with other medical personnel to provide treatments and advice to patients; plan and monitor clinical trials; as well as staying up to date on pharmacy regulations, treatments and developments in research and design.
Keen to develop a better global overview, Belen moved to the city of Accra in Ghana, Africa, to join Lekma Hospital as a Clinical Pharmacist where she spent four months focusing on Management of Malaria and HIV therapy. The way they care for patients despite very limited resources inspired her to aspire for a global career and improve the lives of patients around the world.
Prior to joining Angels, Belen held a Medical Advisor role for a pharmaceutical company in London, providing scientific and medical knowledge to communicate the value of the products and playing a pivotal role participating in meetings, congresses and strategic discussion.
“I am very enthusiastic to I have joined Angels team, being part of these global health challenges and extending the benefits of the quality in stroke care therefore, being able to improve the life of patients and to help the movement achieve its mission: giving life a chance.”