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Bernise Schubert

South Africa

An early interest in and enduring curiosity about health-related matters led to Bernise obtaining a Bachelor of Pharmacy from North-West University in Potchefstroom, South Africa. She also holds a diploma in business management from the University of Cape Town.

As a qualified pharmacist, Bernise has worked in both pharmacy and hospital settings. After completing one year of community service at Job Shimanka Thabane Hospital in Rustenburg, she spent four years in oncology as a Quality Assurance Pharmacist.

Her passion for optimising operational processes developed as a result of her experience with setting up a new pre-dispensing unit for a leading courier pharmacy in South Africa. Analytical thinking, problem solving and teamwork are among her strengths, along with loyalty, compassion and a natural preference for helping others.

She sees joining Angels and the fight to improve outcomes for stroke patients as an opportunity to bring about positive change for those who suffer stroke as well as for those who, like herself, has lost a loved one as a result of stroke.