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Carla Scholtz

South Africa & Namibia

Carla’s passion for healthcare developed in childhood. After obtaining a degree in pharmacy from Nelson Mandela University (NMU), Port Elizabeth, she received funding for postgraduate study from South Africa’s Department of Science and Innovation. She completed a joint master’s degree in nanoscience at the University of Western Cape and NMU in 2021. 

Her research project focused primarily on nanomedicine and strategies for enhancing oral drug delivery. While studying she also provided clinical support to pharmaceutical science students at NMU while working as an academic pharmacist intern. 

Carla has worked in both the private and public healthcare sectors in South Africa, mastering the primary disciplines of pharmacy. A strong desire to significantly impact therapeutic outcomes drew her to the Angels Initiative, a platform that is aligned with her passion and where she looks forward to improving the quality of stroke care, one family at a time.