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Deborah Ferreras

Angels Team Leader South America

Deborah was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 4 decades ago. She had started her first work experience in Bayer while studying for her marketing degree, which she acquired in 2003. She continued to work at Bayer for almost 19 years, with focus in oncology during her last years. 

In 2018, when she became aware of Angels Initiative, Deborah decided to apply for the South America Project Lead at Boehringer Ingelheim because she felt immediate connection with the project.

Currently, Deborah is leading the implementation of Angels in several South American countries such as Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay and Uruguay.
She has been working with the regional team to foster and strengthen the Angels community while giving support to the team leaders of each countries, working with passion to change the landscape of stroke care in South America.