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Emar Autor


Emar is a Registered Nurse who obtained his BSc in Nursing from Ateneo De Naga University. He had been in the pharmaceutical industry for 10 years, gaining both local and multinational experience, when he joined Angels in 2021. 

Emar is committed to continuous professional improvement and bringing innovation and impact to everything he does. A quintessential health advocate, he takes pride in showing great compassion and the desire to spread awareness about different health activities that could benefit people who are suffering from an illness. 

Patient safety and preventive measures are his main objectives. His father suffered from a stroke and Emar believes that through his work with Angels he is able to spread awareness and make a positive contribution to stroke prevention and management. 

Emar could have chosen a different, safer career path, but he believes that life is about making a positive impact on people’s lives.