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Emileen Chieng

Angels Team Leader Singapore & Brunei

Emileen has always been driven by passion to improve stroke care. When she was 10 years old, her father suffered a stroke. Her family was unaware of stroke symptoms, and stroke services were not provided in her small town at that time.

Since then she has been driven by a mission to enter pharmaceutical research as she wished to invent medication to treat stroke. However, the medication had already been invented and Emileen turned her attention to supporting stroke awareness. Joining the Angels Initiative gave her the opportunity to improve access to stroke care in her community.

As a consultant in Malaysia, Emileen worked with passionate doctors to establish more than 15 new stroke hospitals in Malaysia. In 2021, she was awarded the Angels SEASK Excellence Award to acknowledge her performance.

She is now planning even bigger initiatives in stroke care with the stroke teams in Singapore and Brunei