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Fransisca Elisabet


Fransisca's professional journey began as a general practitioner, culminating in the attainment of her MD from Maranatha Christian University in Bandung, Indonesia. She has always been passionate about providing the best care for her patients. She also contributed to clinical trials as a research assistant in the Neurology Department at Padjadjaran University, Bandung, focusing on mapping the causes of neuroinfectious cases in Indonesia to improve neurologists' approaches and treatments. However, her experience as a GP left a lasting awareness of the profound impact that stroke has on patients and their families, many of whom struggle to resume daily life or earn a living.

Transitioning from her role as a Medical Affairs Specialist at Bio Farma, Fransisca decided she wanted to do something more, something different. She finally realized that her vision is to provide the best care and treatment for patients in need, and being an Angels Consultant was a calling for her. As an Angels Consultant, she is dedicated to increasing the number of patients treated in stroke-ready hospitals and optimizing treatment quality to prevent lifelong disabilities in stroke patients.

Fransisca's commitment stems from her firsthand experience witnessing the challenges faced by stroke patients and their families. She is driven by a deep-seated desire to make a tangible, positive difference in the lives of those affected by stroke, and her work as an Angels Consultant reflects this unwavering determination.

In this role, she aims to spearhead initiatives that will enhance access to high-quality care for stroke patients and reduce the long-term impact of stroke on their lives. Through her expertise, compassion, and dedication, Francisca endeavors to bring about lasting improvements in stroke treatment and care, ultimately transforming the landscape of stroke recovery for countless individuals and their families.