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Gisella Mutuc


Gisella or Sela currently finished her Master Degree in Business Administration at San Beda University. She is also a Registered Nurse in the Philippines. Sela joined Boehringer Ingelheim Philippines in 2013 as a Professional Sales Representative and has shown consistent exemplary performance since then. She was able to balance her priorities, being a representative of the 2017-2018 Boehringer Ingelheim Employee Council while attending her MBA classes and achieving all her KPIs. All her efforts paid off as she was an official Sales Force Excellence Awardee for 2019.

Sela’s personal vision is to create an impact by inspiring a positive change in a person’s lifestyle. She is continuously serving as an individual with high values and believes that everything we do has meaning. Joining Angels Initiative gave her role much more meaning by knowing that every end goal in mind will save millions of Filipino people.