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Inês Carvalho


Inês has always been fascinated by disruptive solutions for health problems. This interest led her to study Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Lisbon. During her academic studies she started to do research in the Medicinal Chemistry Department.

After several professional experiences as a pharmacist in both hospital and pharmacy settings, she decided to further develop her scientific skills to work in therapeutic solutions. She won a PhD scholarship from the Medicinal Chemistry programme MedChemTrain, and received her PhD in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Therapeutics from the University of Lisbon in 2022, having dedicated her research work to the development of biotherapeutics for oncological treatment.

The main motivation for her work was to contribute to better therapeutic outcomes and improve patients’ lives. Interested in communicating about science as well as learning new things, she dedicated part of her time to teaching younger students and promoting scientific events. She has also published her scientific findings in a patent and in several peer-reviewed papers in important scientific journals.

In order to work more closely with patient care, and to obtain an updated perspective of the Portuguese health system and a better understanding of health needs and challenges, she completed a post-graduate qualification as Medical Science Liaison at Catholic University.

The desire for opportunities to have a stronger impact on patients’ health led her to the Angels Initiative. She feels that this project provides practical, simple, and tangible solutions for stroke care.

The Angels Initiative offers a solution-focused approach where she can contribute to improving stroke patient outcomes and give new hope to stroke patients and their families. In addition, communication with patients and healthcare professionals helps create a special environment that promotes better patient-centered health outcomes.