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Jidin Abdullah


Jidin graduated with a degree in Pharmacy from the State Islamic University, Jakarta. He started his career as a medical representative, before moving to Indonesia’s National Health Insurance. Currently he is pursuing a master’s degree in Business Management at the School of Business Bogor Agricultural University.

He joined the Angels Initiative in 2017, as a consultant in Indonesia.

Jidin’s interest in stroke was sparked after his father died three days after collapsing suddenly. If he could travel back in time, he would want to help his father with all the knowledge he has since gained about stroke. The loss has made him even more passionate about the Angels Initiative.

Jidin says, “From this day and beyond, I want to provide the best consultation and training to hospitals to ensure the best stroke patient care in the future. The aim is to reduce the death rate, and the number of disabilities, so as to reduce stroke survivors’ dependence on others.

“Leave your legacy!”