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Kim Malkin

Angels Team Leader Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea

Kim Malkin holds an Honours degree in Psychology from the University of Stirling, Scotland. Her studies ignited a passion for improving health in the community and led to her first professional role working with autistic children, their families and their communities to support building a better and more inclusive future.

A move to Australia in 2004 provided not only more sunshine for Kim but also the opportunity to begin a long and diverse career with Boehringer Ingelheim – over a decade of which is in improving outcomes for stroke patients through the delivery of innovative preventative and acute stroke treatments. The company’s mission to improve the health and wellbeing of people and animals resonated strongly but more than that it is Boehringer Ingelheim’s inclusive culture and social responsibility which provides a source of great pride and motivation to Kim every day.

In Australia, more than half of eligible stroke patients miss out on treatments that reduce disability and death. Although a developed country, Australia faces significant challenges when it comes to providing equity of access to optimal stroke care - particularly the tyranny of distance. Australia is a vast country, the sixth largest in the world, with a total area of 7,686,850 square kilometres and a population of over 25 million. Two-thirds of Australia’s population reside within metropolitan areas however the remaining live in regional or remote areas with poorer access to healthcare services.

Leading the Angels Initiative in Australia, Kim is committed to establishing Angels as a sustainable model of quality improvement. With her dedicated team of Angels Consultants and over a decade of working closely with the Australian stroke community, they aim to achieve this through close collaboration with the many stakeholders across State and National health systems who are passionate about creating a better future for Australian stroke patients and their families.