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Krissy Avestro, RN

Team Leader Philippines

Krissy is a Nurse by profession. She joined Boehringer Ingelheim Philippines on 2012 as Professional Service Representative. She was an official Boehringer Sales Force Excellence Awardee in 2017, prior to joining Angels Initiative team in 2018.
Krissy is one of the pioneer Angels Consultant in the Philippines. Working everyday to improve quality of treatment for Stroke patients is already part of her everyday life since then. Angels Initiative opened her eyes on the stroke care delivery system in the Philippines. This is the reason why she believes in the Angels project and how it can help the current situation in the country. There are lots of challenges and frustrations along the way that is not easy to hold forth to. But with positive attitude, persistent perseverance and stalwartly dedication she believed that the Angels Philippines already moved forward. Small steps that can flourish to significant change for the country. Being an Angels Consultant means putting her heart ahead to save more Filipino stroke patients everyday and have a second chance of Life.