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Kshitiz Gupta

South India

Kshitiz Gupta was born and raised in Mumbai. He complemented his degree in pharmacy with a master’s in healthcare administration, because he believes that India could benefit from an improved health care system.

He joined Angels Initiative to bring a constant and permanent change in stroke care. He initiated his career with the diabetes division of Eris Lifesciences, and later on volunteered for an NGO called Help Agra. Here, Kshitiz realized that a systematic and uncompromised set of expertly tailored process could bring about any change which one desires to accomplish – thus his motivation to become a part of Angels Initiative.

Since topography ranges from moderate to high in Himachal Pradesh, stroke is well known amongst the population and fortifies his vision with Angel’s Initiative to deliver continuous quality in stroke care. Kshitiz relishes this enriching opportunity to work along like-minded people with a singular target in mind – to leave a legacy in stroke care.