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Madeline Bucher

Core Team - Senior Coordinator

Angels Senior Coordinator

Madeline was born in Germany and from a very early age on was fascinated by the beauty of nature and life. She first graduated in Molecular Biology and received her PhD from the University of Heidelberg, Germany.

As a scientist Madeline had the opportunity to experience different cultural and working environments. She has spent time in a laboratory in Paris, did a research project in Iceland and field trips to Okinawa, Japan. Her scientific work focused on cardiac clinical studies during her Masters. During her PhD she tried to elucidate the molecular basis of coral symbiosis. She is first and second author of several publications and has furthermore actively participated in conferences/congresses and poster sessions.

Madeline did not only spend a lot of time researching but also participated in the education and professional development of groups ranging from school children to university students. She conducted and supervised a multitude of workshops and practical courses and with a lot of passion communicated different scientific topics in an easily understandable way to different audiences. Doing this, Madeline also discovered her passion for coordinating and managing anything that needed someone to get things done and ensure order.

Madeline joined the Angels Initiative team in April 2018 to assist them on a global level in improving the quality of stroke treatment through events and meetings. She lost her own grandfather to a stroke and therefore is highly motivated to contribute to a greater cause and is making a difference in the world to do whatever it takes to give such patients a second chance at life.