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Maria Sheverdina

Croatia, North Macedonia, Ukraine


Before joining the Angels Initiative, Maria had been working in the field of clinical research for 13 years.

She started her career in 2005 as a Clinical Trial Administrator in a Contract Research Organization. Since 2008, she worked as a Clinical Research Associate and Clinical Research Coordinator in pharmaceutical trials of II-IV phases in different therapeutic areas, while also gaining experience as a CRA in Medical Device Investigations.

She is a graduate of the National Aerospace University (“KhAI”) in Kharkov, Ukraine, and earned her Pharmacist qualification from the National Pharmacy Academy in Kharkov in 2016.

During the last 5 years, Maria actively took part in scientific medical conferences, and is always open to new ideas and possibilities to improve her personal and professional skills.

Throughout her time as a CRA, Maria always took close to heart all patients’ health conditions. Medical charts never were just a pallid statistic for her. Each medical chart was somebody’s life who is wanted and loved.

For her, stroke is not just a global health problem, but also a personal one. Having witnessed how stroke had turned her grandfather’s life upside down, Maria is eager and determined to make her own contribution in improving the quality of stroke care in Ukraine, so that more patients and their families get a second chance at life.