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Marta Jedrzejewska


Marta’s passion for neuroscience developed during her undergraduate studies at the University of Gdańsk leading her to specialize in Neurobiology and become involved in the Bio Art Student Research Group and other scientific and educational projects. Having realized that the complexity of the brain was what she wanted to continue studying, Marta moved to Warsaw to study Biotechnology at Warsaw University and gain more experience and opportunities. She focused on brain plasticity and processes underlying neurodegeneration, and graduated with honors specializing in Medical Biotechnology. 

Beyond academia, Marta’s professional path has been diverse, encompassing roles in data analysis and language teaching. Despite the varied paths she’s explored, Marta’s focus remains on leveraging her expertise to contribute meaningfully to society. Inspired by the mission of the Angels Initiative, Marta is determined to apply her scientific background to advance stroke care, driven by a sincere desire to make a positive impact on people’s lives. She says, “I feel lucky and privileged to have a job which is about helping others.