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Martin Liptay

Czech Republic

Growing up in a family of medical doctors, Martin has always been interested in life sciences, and especially in human physiology and disease. Driven by his curiosity about molecular mechanisms underlying human diseases, he obtained a master’s degrees in Molecular and Cell Biology at the Faculty of Sciences of the Palacký University Olomouc in the Czech Republic.

In summer 2016, he moved to Bern in Switzerland where he worked as PhD candidate and later as post-doctoral researcher at the University of Bern. In his research he studied how changes in DNA repair and replication machineries lead to development of chemotherapy resistance in hereditary breast cancer.

To carry out his research, Martin received a prestigious Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds PhD fellowship for young talented scientists. During the years working in academic research, he presented his work at many seminars and conferences in Switzerland, Czech Republic, Italy, Greece, United Kingdom and United States. He also published several articles in peer-reviewed journals, both as first author and as co-author.

For many years, Martin has felt a strong need to help people and to contribute to better society. He joined the Angels Initiative team in Autumn 2022 with the goal of using his skills and experience to improve the quality of stroke care in the Czech Republic. Martin believes that through his determination, perseverance and the ability to cooperate with others, he will help give stroke patients a second chance for life.