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Nguyen Quoc Duy


Be Angels, Angels are very meaningful. There is a Vietnamese saying, “saving a life is more meaningful than building seven pagodas”. Without needing that much money, he can build a lot of pagodas by being in the Angels Project.

Always wanting to become a pharmacist, he studied at the Can Tho University of Medicine and Pharmacy and graduated with excellent results. After working for AstraZeneca, in 2014, he went back to Can Tho city and work for Boehringer Ingelheim up to now.

Before becoming an Angels’ member, he was a medical representative which gave him the experience and skills that help him to do better in Angels.

He has seen how good stroke care has given a second chance at life to patients, which at any given time could be his mother, father or other loved ones.

With all the efforts, achievements and knowledge acquired during the 3 years in the Angels Team, he wants to maximize the number of stroke units and optimize the quality of stroke care process in the Mekong Delta territory in the Southern of Vietnam.