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Rita Rodrigues

Angels Team Leader Core Team

Rita first graduated in Biology from the Faculty of Science and Technology (Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia) out of a passion for life and all living things, before proceeding to acquire a second degree in Cardiac Physiology from the Superior School of Health Technology (Escola Superior de Tecnologia da Saúde) in Coimbra, Portugal.

Throughout her years of experience on the field as a Cardiac Physiologist, caring for patient’s hearts in a variety of environments including Hospital, Pharmaceutical and Sports Clinic institutions, a strong penchant for education led her to continuously complement her career with additional freelance work in the private sector, training professionals of all ages and backgrounds in health care, hygiene, safety and first-aid.

Rita began her contribution to the Angels Initiative long before joining the team, working with the medical software industry to develop digital simulations for use in the project. Her responsibilities at the time included providing scientific support and delivering training to health care professionals and to the pharmaceutical industry, at an international level.

Inspired by the cause, she answered the call to combine her background in both teaching and healthcare to steer health institutions worldwide toward better stroke care by coordinating education efforts on behalf of the Angels.

Improving patient’s treatment helps preserve the one thing she values and respects most: life.