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Rob Hopkinson

Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea

Over his career Rob has gained extensive experience in business operations and ownership. With specialised capabilities in data operations and management, and a strong interest in healthcare, Rob sought to further his career within the Australian pharmaceutical industry as a Medical Representative.

Holding a number of diverse roles within Boehringer Ingelheim, over the past ten years Rob has built an exceptional reputation for establishing strong networks of collaboration across the healthcare system. Rob’s unique ability to connect with people from across diverse backgrounds and specialty areas is often cited by healthcare professionals. As a result of these skills, together with his strong focus on improving patient outcomes, particularly in cardiovascular health, Rob has received a number of highly coveted Awards and recognition within Boehringer Ingelheim.

Rob is particularly passionate about improving patient outcomes in stroke care, with his own grandfather suffering a devastating stroke in 2020. He comes to the Angels team powered by this dedication to the life-saving ability of the program and is inspired every day by the incredible impact it has on people’s lives.