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Samantha Dagasso

Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea

On completion of a Bachelor of Teaching/Bachelor of Arts Degree at The University of Newcastle, Samantha commenced her career within the Department of Education. With a strong interest in behavioral management, Samantha undertook further study and joined the Behavioral Team where she contributed to the development and implementation of programs and strategies for students and teachers to improve student access to quality learning.

Pursuing her passion for training and education, Samantha moved into the corporate sector as an Executive Officer developing and facilitating training programs for Oral Health Professionals. In this capacity she gained extensive experience in working collaboratively with a range of government and industry organisations.

Joining Boehringer Ingelheim 12 years ago, Samantha has continued to grow and develop her career across a number of diverse roles and therapeutic areas including; cardiovascular, respiratory, diabetes, neurology, inflammation & Immunology, interstitial lung disease and stroke. Moving to the thrombolytics team as a Key Account Manager, Samantha deepened her knowledge and gained a new understanding of the disparities in care for stroke patients and the gap between guidelines and practice.

Samantha cites joining the Angels Initiative team as a career highlight and has found a great sense of purpose and passion for the role. Her father-in-law and uncle both suffered strokes in rural areas of Australia with no access to life saving reperfusion therapies or a Stroke Unit. Having personally experienced the devastation stroke can cause for patients and their families, she is committed to making a difference and is passionate about working closely with regional and rural hospitals to improve equity of access to therapy and implementation of evidenced based quality improvements in stroke care, giving life a chance.