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Stefania Fiorillo

Italy - Naples


Stefania’s passion for life sciences began early. Curious to understand the mechanism and the functioning of nature, and a desire to explore beyond the surface, she studied Medical Biotechnology at the Federico II University in Naples, graduating in 2011 with honours having achieved 110 out of a possible 110. Following her degree, she started her research path in neuroscience.

Stefania’s Master’s thesis focused on a research study on patients with Choroideremia, a hereditary ocular disorder.

She undertook her post graduate training at the Zoological Station Anton Dhorn of Naples, after which she completed her PhD in Neuroscience at the School of Molecular Medicine, focusing on the regulation of mitochondrial homeostasis and its neuroprotective effect in brain ischemia.

She received a scholarship enabling her to work with the Research Technology Transfer Team of the "Diagnostics and Nuclear Research Institute SDN" in Naples, in collaboration with the Italian Institute of Technology “IIT@CRIB”. Stefania also attended an International Summer School in "Pharmacovigilance and Hospital Acquired Infection Control" at Sbarro Health Research Organization (S.H.R.O.) of Temple University, Philadelphia.

Deciding to leave the laboratory bench to become an Angels Initiative Consultant gives her the opportunity to utilise her scientific background to improve healthcare in Italy.