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Angels Wins Lupa de Ouro In Brazil

On “Oscar night” for Brazil’s pharmaceutical industry, the Angels team was recognised for give life a second chance.
Angels team 10 November 2022


The Angels team in Brazil are proud winners of a Lupa de Ouro Award, a 46-year-old awards programme that is viewed as the Oscars of the pharmaceutical industry. The team took top honours in the new category for Best Project in the Medical Area, which was created to recognise initiatives that cover the entire patient care pipeline and have both short and long term impact on patient outcomes and disease incidence.

The Lupa de Ouro Award was created by Sindusfarma, a pharmaceutical industry association that was established in 1933 to defend the legitimate interests of the industry in São Paulo and Brazil. The award recognises projects that transform ideas into innovative projects that serve patient needs across therapeutic areas.

The Angels Initiative was one of 47 industry projects entered in its category, from which four were selected to be considered by a panel of judges. They were announced the winner at the Lupa de Ouro awards ceremony held at Teatro Alfa in São Paulo on 27 October.

The judges commended the Angels Initiative for promising a better quality of life to patients and their families, and for providing solutions to all aspects of stroke including creating awareness through the children’s education project, FAST Heroes.

Renate Miranda, Angels lead in Brazil, said the team was “so proud and very happy to receive this recognition as a pioneer in this category”.

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