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Building Her Legacy | María Atienza Castillo

She didn’t just start a new job, she started a new life and joined a new family. A new consultant in Spain reports on the start of her mission to change outcomes for stroke patients in her country.
Angels team 28 March 2023


I joined Angels because I wanted to be part of something bigger than just getting up to work. I wanted to have a purpose.

On my first day with Angels I met Esther and Adri who along with Alicia would become my colleagues and friends in the Spanish team. I was so overwhelmed by all the information I was receiving, but at the same time I felt really welcomed by Cláudia (Queiroga, team leader) and my future team.

The thing I am most proud of is being able to pick up where the previous consultant left off, and keep all the relationships she established. She left a really good legacy and I feel responsible not only for continuing it, but for building my legacy as well.

It took a lot of courage to leave Madrid, the city where I was born and have always lived, where all my friends and family are, and move to Barcelona without knowing anyone. It was not just the start of a new project, it was the start of a new life!


The most important thing I have learnt so far is that even though we are alone in the field visiting hospitals, we are not really alone. We have a huge team behind us supporting us in every step of the journey.

One skill I have found unexpectedly useful is the ability to adapt to different situations. Many unexpected things can happen or don’t go the way you planned, so you just have to find a way to work with what you have and make the best of it!

About leaving my legacy I have learnt that every small change – a call, an agreement to meet – counts towards building and leaving my legacy.

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