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Building Her Legacy | Susana Carroll

She is proud of being part of a great team of working, committed women, and enjoying their support, says Susana Carroll who recently joined the Angels team in Colombia.
Angels team 12 February 2024

I joined Angels for several reasons. First, because I felt that it would be a huge learning experience and could contribute to my professional growth. Second, because when they talked to me about everything that contributed to the health and well-being of patients, I felt that I was going to be part of an initiative that could help many people and that would give meaning and a special purpose to my work. And thirdly because I wanted a new challenge that would propel me to be better.

My first day with Angels was very exciting, I was coming back from vacation and I really wanted to start and learn everything new about this beautiful work.

What makes me most proud is being part of a great team, a group of excellent colleagues, working, committed women who have supported me and contributed a lot. That, and being part of a global initiative with so much recognition and prestige.

It takes a lot of courage and bravery to arrive with such confidence and provide training to so many health professionals, to be their consultant and their support to achieve their goals.

The most important thing I have learned so far is how my consulting can help improve processes in institutions and how these processes can improve the quality of care for stroke patients, reducing deaths and disabilities.

The best advice I have received is that clear, honest and respectful communication is the best way to work harmoniously in my team.

Leaving a legacy for me means that my actions can go a long way, and that I can mark and change many lives.


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