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Philippines | Stroke Nurse Masterclass

The Stroke Society of the Philippines (SSP) has launched an ambitious three-year program to train and certify 200 stroke nurses. SSP president Dr Maria Socorro F Sarfati explains why empowering nurses is crucial.
Angels team 04 April 2024

The crucial role of nurses in stroke care is undoubtedly recognized. With the emergence of time-critical stroke intervention, this role is highlighted all the more. The entire stroke team needs to be empowered, the nurses included.

In the Philippines there is no certification body for competencies in nursing stroke care. This prompted the Stroke Society of the Philippines to embark on a stroke nurse certification program through a Stroke Nurse Masterclass. The objective of this program is to empower nurses to attain knowledge, skills and attitude in the care and safety of patients with stroke.  

The program consists of 8 modules and 8 skills workshop spread out over 6 months. Each module is composed of 4 lectures with an assessment after each lecture. The first engagement is onsite where the first module and 4 skills workshops are tackled. Modules 2-8 and their corresponding skills workshops will be online, hosted on the Angel’s website. Assessments will also be through this platform.


The pioneer group in 2023 consists of 55 nurses from north and central Luzon. The second group of candidates are from 15 hospitals of the Visayas area. These 60 nurses completed their first module at Governor Celestino Gallares Memorial Medical Center in Tagbilaran, Bohol. 

The third group of candidates come from 13 hospitals in north and east Mindanao. These 63 nurses  enthusiastically attended the lectures at ACE Medical Center in Cagayan de Oro.

Completing the NIHSS and Stroke Nurse Certification courses in the Angels Academy will be required from these candidates before they can undergo their final assessment during the annual convention of the Stroke Society of the Philippines. Successful stroke nurse masters are inducted and receive their identification cards and certificates in an appropriate venue during the annual convention.


Nurses are recognized for their significant role in all the phases of the stroke care continuum. Empowering them and reaching out to the various regions of the Philippines assure us of improved stroke care and services.

The Angel’s Initiative is SSP’s constant and reliable partner in this endeavor. Through its team leader, Ms Krissy Avestro, coordination with the regional stroke champion who nominates the nurse aspirants to the program is facilitated. The Angel’s Initiative support is unparalleled especially now that we are adopting an online platform for asynchronous access of the modules as an innovation in learning.

The target is to certify 200 nurses in 3 years. The next 2 years will be for the evaluation of the program as we transition to advanced courses.

The Stroke Society of the Philippines and Angel’s Initiative will continue to collaborate and innovate to empower the nurses of the stroke team as we save more lives together.


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