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Spirit of Excellence Award winners 2017

Angels team 25 August 2021

" "The Spirt of Excellence Award was launched in 2017. Here are the winners of the inaugural awards.

" "
Prof Anna Członkowska

ANNA CZŁONKOWSKA, Professor in Neurology Department at Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology, Warsaw, Poland.

" "
From left, Lev Prystupiuk, Jan van der Merwe, Prof Sergii Moskovsko and Thomas Fischer

SERGII MOSKOVKO, Professor and Chief of Neurology Department at Vinnytsia National Medical University, Ukraine.

" "
Prof Robert Mikulik during a ResQ presentation in Prague

ROBERT MIKULIK, Director of Stroke Program, St.Anne's University Hospital in Brno, Czech Republic, and founder and co-ordinator of ResQ

" "
Dr Rissana Tassi with Angels Consultant Lorenza Spagnuolo

ROSSANA TASSI, Neuologist at Siena University Hospital, Italy.

" "
Dr Rafael Freitas receives his award

RAFAEL FREITAS, Stroke Unit Coordinator and Director of Internal Medicine, Madeira, Portugal. 


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