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Thanks To The Nurses

Nurses from SEDENE together with Angels consultants organized a virtual training for Spanish-speaking countries.
Angels team 13 January 2021

2020 was designated as the International Year of the Nurse, and it appears not to be a coincidence that a pandemic happened the same year. Because this pandemic has further highlighted the essential role that nurses play - not only in stroke care but in all pathologies. And, if something could define stroke-specialized nurses from SEDENE (Spanish Neurological-Specialized Nurses Society) it is their proactive and brave attitude since before the pandemic for giving stroke patients’ lives a chance.


They, together with the Angels consultants, organized a virtual training for Spanish-speaking countries ( focusing on the new virtual opportunities that nurses have now to improve the follow-up with patients.

They also designed a video-based project about post-acute phase recommendations for nurses, patients and caregivers (, and a multitude of initiatives to share experiences and knowledge between nurses from all over the world. For that reason and more, we created the following video to honor our nurses in Spain recognizing all the effort they put into the creation of a stroke-specialized nurse community all around the country.

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