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United Arab Emirates

ICU nursing team is top of the class in stroke care

Stroke nurse certification for 100% of its ICU nurses is streamlining stroke management at Dubai’s Mediclinic City Hospital.

Documentary Of FASTHEROES Campaign In Southern Brazil

This documentary was developed in a school in the state of Santa Catarina where we enrolled more than 400 children who are now ready to save their grandheroes.
United Arab Emirates

Her Passion For Data Is Worth Gold

Eight gold awards and counting testify to Al Qassimi Hospital’s commitment to improved stroke care – and to a nurse’s dedication to data-driven change. Meet Mrs Mary Angelo, custodian of the data that builds the legacy.

Honouring Stroke heroes Of Tuscany

A neuroradiologist from Florence is the latest healthcare professional to be honoured for exceptional services to stroke care in Italy.

True Grit | Breaking Barriers In The Central Backcountry Of Brazil

The dedicated team at Regional Hospital of Sertão Central will let nothing stand in the way of offering excellent care to stroke patients in rugged Quixeramobim.

Meet the FAST Heroes of Kyrgyzstan

In Kyrgyzstan, 10,000 superheroes aged 5 to 9 have already embarked on a mission to save their grandparents.