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Sergii Moskovko


Dr. Sergii Moskovko, MD, Ph.D., D. med. Sci. is Professor and Chief of Neurology Department of Vinnytsia National Medical University n.a. M.I. Pirogov and Curator of Regional Emergency Department Stroke Unit.

Since 1998 he has been involved in many international clinical trials in the field of Stroke (PROFESS, SOCRATES, CARS), PD, MS as a Principal Investigator and National Coordinator.

He is member of National and International scientific Societies as the Ukraine Anti-Stroke Association, Ukraine Society of Neurology, Ukraine Society of Neurorehabilitation, European Stroke Organization, Movement Disorders Society etc., Editorial Board member of National Neurological Journals, International Journal of Stroke (Russian-speaking version).

He is author more than 130 original articles in research field of stroke (epidemiology, organization of treatment and care, rehabilitation), PD and Movement Disorders, MS, headache, cognitive neurology.  

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