Patient resources

Stroke patients and their caregivers need help and guidance from their healthcare providers to educate and guide them in understanding stroke, how to live post-stroke and how to achieve the best quality of life.
Printing and sharing these resources will assist you in educating your patients on rapid stroke signs and symptoms recognition, treatment and recovery. Together, we can empower stroke patients and their families to embrace life after stroke.

The Angels Initiative supports the FAST Heroes 112 campaign

As the FAST HEROES it is our mission to educate the world about the symptoms and effects of Brain Attacks (strokes).

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Stroke care at home

Stroke is a complex condition, and caring for a stroke survivor is a challenge. Caregivers struggle to communicate with the person and do not always understand the behavior problems caused by the stroke. They find it difficult to help the stroke survivor with physical activities such as dressing and transfers. This results in problems, which are actually easily preventable, such as painful shoulders and hands, contractures and poor habit patterns. Use this practical guide as a useful tool to support you in caring for your stroke patient.


The videos and posters below can be used in waiting rooms or hospitals to remind patients and stroke teams of the importance of time.

Stroke Support Organisation Faculty Tool (SSOFT)

SSOFT is an online learning tool designed to help anyone interested in setting up or developing a Stroke Support Organisation in Europe. Over the course of six interactive learning modules, users can learn how to create effective advocacy activities and campaigns that deliver positive change at a local and national level on stroke prevention, treatment and care.


SAFE Angels Patient Brochures

Multi-language brochures for stroke patients and their carers with information on stroke and important next steps on patient’s path to recovery.



Three Patients, Three Outcomes

Patient Stories

Local stories and activities from around the world.