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2022 Global Stroke Alliance in São Paulo, Brazil

The 2022 Global Stroke Alliance in São Paulo produced a memorable exchange of experiences, energy and emotions.
Angels team 18 August 2022

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The second edition of the Global Stroke Alliance (GSA) was held in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, in August. Over the course of four days, GSA 2022 achieved great things. It brought together over 1,000 medical professionals from 26 countries, including ministers of health from seven countries in Latin America, and more than 80 guests from outside Brazil who had the opportunity to share their achievements and take with them a unique experience, the result of the rich diversity of cultures present at our congress.

The  meeting was also characterised by conviviality, made possible by our exhibition fair offering many opportunities for social interaction, reunions and meetings with new people who, like us, dedicate their professional time to this cause that we have chosen to guide our steps. 

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The Angels Forum at the GSA gave us an opportunity to discuss stroke care challenges from pre-hospital to post-acute care, including the importance of involving the entire multidisciplinary team in rehabilitation. With almost 700 participants in the hybrid model, it gave more visibility to the Angels Initiative in Brazil, further increasing our network and deepening exchanges with the stroke community in Latin America. 

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