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Building Her Legacy | Esther Redondo

Esther Redondo joined the Angels team in Spain in July 2022. Having experienced the impact of stroke in her own famiy, she welcomes the opportunity to help change outcomes for stroke patients. Here she shares highlights and insights from her first 100 days.
Angels team 30 November 2022


I joined Angels because you can really see the impact your work has on the lives of patients. This is something absolutely worth waking up for
every day.

On my first day with Angels I attended a steering committee meeting in Catalunya where healthcare professionals shared the difficulties they encounter in their own hospitals, and my colleagues presented a project from Andalucía – Proyecto Flecha, an intervention to remove variability in the post-acute phase of stroke. It was really insightful and reflected the reality of hospitals in Spain.

The most rewarding moment of my journey so far was the sense of being part of a movement, leading a change alongside doctors who share my commitment to change.

The two things I am most proud of are, first, being part of a team whose goals and values I share, and second, being able to connect with doctors and nurses and start building professional relationships that will become valuable to our project.

It took a lot of courage to change my way of life. I used to work from home and not have physical interaction with anyone. Now with Angels I move around Spain, and I am fortunate to work with colleagues who are real experts in their field. It was quite a good change!

The most important thing I have learnt so far is to be empathic and to understand everyone’s needs and unique situation. It has been such a lesson to learn how to adapt to these differences.

One skill I have found unexpectedly useful is my organizational skills. This doesn’t only help me fit all my duties and activities into my schedule, but it also shapes my own path and hopefully ensures that I move towards a goal more easily and efficiently.

The past three months would have been much harder without my colleagues’ support. I feel lucky to be surrounded by a great group of experts who are willing to help out every time I need them.

What I hope to accomplish next is to grow professional relationships so we can all walk together towards the more and better that is the Angels mission.

The opportunity to leave my legacy means making primary hospitals in Spain stroke ready. Many of these hospitals are located in rural areas and some are very far away from a comprehensive centre. The population in these areas tend to be elderly, and the hospitals receive many stroke patients every month. I’d love to see a change in the outcomes for stroke patients even in the remotest corners of Spain.

Esther's 3-month milestones

  • Attending a steering committee meeting in Catalunya

  • Starting to build relationships with the stroke community in Spain

  •  Conducting her first simulation at Hospital Santos Reyes and discovering what actions are needed to improve stroke

    care at this hospital


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