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ESOC 2021 | View Highlights From The Conference

Watch and share videos of the awards ceremonies, the symposia and the webinars.
Angels team 30 September 2021

If you missed some of our sessions at the ESOC 2021 virtual conference in September, or if you would like to share them with your colleagues, here is where you will find the awards ceremonies, the symposia and the webinars.

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The Power of Nurses | The QASC Europe Stroke Care Project

The power of nurses took centre stage when Professor Sandy Middleton presented outcomes of the QASC Europe Project. This nurse-led intervention in stroke care conducted in 17 countries between 2017 and 2020 yielded extraordinary results, including an increase in implementation of the Fess protocol from 3,2% at baseline to 35% at the end of the study. As well as delivering a behavioral change effect of over 30%, it established the power of nurses to influence practice at a local level, changed perceptions of stroke nurses’ role in hospitals, and boosted efforts to establish national stroke nursing interest groups.

Professor Middleton’s address is followed by presentations on learnings from the project and the changing role of nurses by Susana Salselas from Portugal and Tereza Koláčná from Czech Republic. 

For a look at the tremendous impact nurses can have on stroke patients’ lives, watch this 90-minute video.

The Power of Simulations

Simulation training plays a key role in helping hospitals optimize the stroke pathway. In emergency stroke care, the positive impact of simulation training has been demonstrated by significant improvements in real-life patient management and outcomes as the result of, inter alia, time gained through better teamwork, and more confident physicians making better decisions, faster.

Two interactive sessions on simulation as a powerful tool for standardization were presented at ESOC 2021 by Anna Ramos from Spain, Bożena Adamkiewicz from Poland and Maria Assunção Matos from Portugal.

To learn how they use simulation to optimise the patient pathway in their hospitals, watch the video.

Recognising excellence

ESOC 2021 presented an opportunity to recognise hospitals that obtained ESO Angels Award status in 2021 Q1 and Q2, and to honour recipients of the Spirit of Excellence Award for outstanding contributions to stroke care.

Watch the Diamond winners shine in the video.

The winners of the 2021 Spirit of Excellence Award were announced during a moving ceremony on the Angels exhibition booth. View the full video and meet the winners.

5 Year Anniversary highlights

Visitors to the Angels Product Theatre Sessions enjoyed these highlights from our 5 Year Anniversary Webinar Series. Please click to view the webinars:

The Angels Initiative: Supporting the goals of ESO & WSO webinar part 1 with Professor Valeria Caso and Professor Robert Mikulík

The Angels Initiative: Supporting the goals of ESO & WSO webinar part 2 
with Professor Sheila Martins and Professor Werner Hacke




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